Cruise/Extended Rental

Picking out your style –

Most cruises have at least one Black Tie / Formal night. When it comes to figuring out what to wear to these events, most lines offer a guideline on what the gentlemen are to wear. Often times a traditional black tuxedo with black bow tie and cummerbund or vest is the best option for these events. Come in early to pick between Notch, Shawl, and Peak lapel jacket styles, and Slim, Modern, and Traditional fit tuxedos. For cruises that have more than one formal night, our packages can include additional items such as shirts and accessories so that you can have varying looks over the course of your trip.

Measurements –

When you come in to pick out your style our staff can take your measurements and have you try various items for fitting. Out-of-town measurements can be submitted online, via email, and over the phone. Feel free to call us for recommendations on where to be fitted with members of two National Fit Programs that Classic Tuxedos is a fellow member of.

Picking Up –

Your order will be ready for pick up two days before you leave for your trip, allowing time for you to try all of the items on to ensure a proper fit. With our in-stock inventory adjustments can be made on the spot to help make your trip simple and easy.