Bryan and Jessica

September 12, 2014 9:55 pm

We used Classic Tuxedos in Winchester, Va for our Aug 17, 2013 wedding. I called in for information and they were very helpful on the phone. We went in to pick out the colors and styles we wanted and the representative that was working was AMAZING. She was very helpful, patient, and informative. We chose a different style for my groom and our son than the other guys so that they would stand out and we wouldnt have been able to pull of the look without her advice. When we went to puck up the tuxes, everything was wonderful. The same rep was there and due to my son’s growth spurt, his pants were slightly too short. She fixed the problem within 5 minutes. I could not have asked for better service. The guys looked great at the wedding. I could not be any happier! I would refer others to them in the future. Thank you guys!!